OmniV Provides Solutions for All;

One Semi-colon At a Time.

We custom build an array of enterprise digital solutions for businesses to revolutionize the way they get things done.


Technologies built on the necessity of each new client. We know that necessity fuels innovation..


There is a difference between being efficient and effective. We’re both, and we save time and money for everyone by doing so..

OmniV Solutions;

Cloud Based Enterprise Resource Planning

We Build Exceptionally Unique Software Tailored to Your Business Digitally.


Everything we do is centered around technological advancement, including both software and hardware.


Everything we do is centered around increasing productivity and revenue, so that your business can thrive through the help of ours.

Words We Live By

“Go ahead and dream It,

We will build it.”

– Victor M. Ocasio, CEO
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Fully Custom SaaS Builds


Integrative Api Layers


Intuitive Task Leveraging Software


Awesome Customer Support


Money Saving Solutions


E – Commerce

Custom E-Commerce solutions with integration to E-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.

Health Care

HIPPA adherent compliance environments through secure VPN connections and chain of custody utilization.  Created a secure Credential System and Partner Visitor Management System with custom reporting.


We are at the forefront in renewable energy services; Including Smart & IoT solutions.  Compile proper infrastructure with analytical reports and datasets for endpoint appliances and devices in regards to energy consumption.


We can help coordinate the steps needed to be able to hold & touch your products; Enabling your visions to come to reality.


We can provide a PASSWORD database for your team to track and maintain all your passwords for any account you own.


We can deliver some of the most innovative options for this industry. From crew management to time clocks. Let us show you how OmniV can help pave the way.


Our platform is perfect for this sector as it can allow us to build out Native checkout services via iOS and Droid platforms. As well as a full featured Asset Tracking service.


We can help take the stress out of customer delivery services. We can build custom integrated services to allow you to see in real-time drivers and delivery statuses.


From Digital to Snail Mail marketing tools built for your needs


Our RDI Partner services allows for Loss Prevention on Inbound | Outbound deliveries allowing for a smooth chain of custody process.


We can customize our environment to meet the needs of most industries.

Asset Management

We have a full featured Asset tracking and Allocation system built into our LucidTrac Suite of tools

We Build Custom SaaS Applications To Make All Types Of Industries Thrive.

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Our 3 Step Process

Your Business Can Thrive With OmniV In 3 Easy Steps


Step 1 : Contact Us

Reach Out To Us And Tell Us About The Growth Pains Your Business Has or An Idea You Have Desired To Implement Into Your Business.

Step 2 : Analysis

We'll take your notes and information and consult with our Highly Qualified Team To Set A Gameplan For a Custom build Solution For You

Step 3: Solution!

After Our Analysis are Complete, We'll Present The Digital Solution You've Been Waiting For. Simply Give Us the Green light And We'll Make It A Reality For You! It's That Simple

OmniV : LucidTrac Suite

Our Suite of Custom Built Digital Solutions for Clients

LucidTrac Automate
Taking you out of the equation

LucidTrac CRM
CRM Suite Of Tools

LucidTrac Trax
Return Check(s) & Invoice Collection Services

LucidTrac IOT
Connected To The Future

LucidTrac Security
VPN, SSL Certs, Proven Penetration Testing

LucidTrac Retail
Asset & Inventory Tracking

LucidTrac Voip
Scalable from Small to Enterprise Voice & Communication Services

LucidTrac IVR
Secure Interactive Programmable Voice & Messaging Service w/ Payment Services

LucidTrac DialerAI Driven Predictive & Preview Dialers

LucidTrac EDI
Powerful Back end Communications

LucidTrac RDI*
Visitor/Cargo , Check Cash POS & Chain of Custody System

Service Tickets & More

Grow Your Business With OmniV LucidTrac Suite!

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Our 20+ Years Of Experience Speaks For Itself

View Some Testimonials From Our Clients

We have been using OmniV~App Suites since 2010 and will never switch to anything else. We have tried may other systems but OmniV~App Suites is in a world all it's own.

Craig StonahaLaughing Rock Technologies, LLC.

In 2007 we began our adventures with OmniV~ Systems, We have since integrated all of our CRM services, Inventory and Asset Tracking through this CRM. Our team has worked hand in hand with OmniV~ QA dept to build customer RDI solution into OmniV~App that others could not deliver on. From there we have expanded to using TraX & Google Cloud Services linked through the CRM. Thanks OmniV~ for all the hard work and dedication.

John AdamsRDI - Regiscope Digital Imaging, LLC.

We started using TraX in conjunction with our Regsicope (RDI) report center; They have made the process of tracking our returned checks a breeze and there application is easy and quick to use; The TEMPLATE system lets us generate collection and notices for direct mailing. They have made this part our lives smoother in this process. Thanks OmniV~

Brian GomezGomez Check Cashing, Inc.

We have been using Omni V since 2011. There team and service is impeccable.
We highly recommend them to anyone looking for there services that they offer.
They are highly qualified and very reasonable on their pricing. You will not be disappointed at all with OmniV~. Sincerely, Michael A.

Michael GrazianoPrime Time Mortgage Corp.

OmniV Success Team

Say hello to your team, each a master of their respective craft.

OmniV Solutions;

We’ve Been Building SaaS & ERP Solutions For Over Two Decades. Become One Of Our Happy Customers

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